I’m really excited about this release!  Of all the minor fixes and updates, the thing that has me most excited is the ability to have multiple usenet server configurations.  Now Newzworthy will let you enter multiple Usenet servers for redundancy and/or load balancing.

Let’s look at the example below:

Newzworthy 0.51 - Manage NNTP Servers.jpg

There are four server configurations.  You can see the hostname, the port, the priority of that server (lower number is a higher priority, 1 is the highest priority), and the number of connections currently in use by Newzworthy and the number of connections you’ve told Newzworthy are available.

In addition, you can see the total number of connections I want Newzworthy to make when downloading.

How does this all fit together?  Well, in this instance, the highest priority (P1) server has 20 connections available, and we’re trying to make 15 connections when downloading.  Assuming all goes well, those 15 connections will be made to the P1 server.

However, if I had configured it for 25 connections, the fun would’ve begun.  Newzworthy would find that it is out of connections after making 20 connections on the P1 server.  So it will go searching for the next lower priority server and make the remaining 5 connections with that server.  So you can be downloading from multiple Usenet providers at the same time.

So that’s cool for balancing downloads across multiple providers.  But what good is that if you can’t find an article you’re trying to download?

So (this is where it gets good) if the first server has any issues, including being unable to connect or download the article, Newzworthy will try all the other servers.  So if my P1 server can’t find a part of a download, Newzworthy will try my P2, then P3, P4, P5, etc. servers.  And you can have large gaps in  your prioritization (notice I skipped P3) and Newzworthy will just find the next lower priority server to try.

Another big change in 0.51 is navigation and menus.  This is actually a fix to some really bad behavior many have noticed with the Play button in Newzworthy.  Without getting into too much detail, Plex works a certain way and Newzworthy can’t change it.

Instead, the Play button now works and doesn’t give us grief (we hope!), and we rely on contextual menus in Newzworthy.  Both Cancel and Delete have been moved to contextual menus.  You can access a context menu by pressing Menu on your remote or “C” on your keyboard.

Newzworthy 0.51 - Context Menu.jpg

Have fun and please let me know in the forums if you have any issues!

Be sure to perform data updates if you’re upgrading in the product!

Get it here.


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