In this world of free and open, why is that Newzworthy requires you to pay for NZB service?  Well, until recently I didn’t realize there were free NZB indexing sites.

I recently discovered, which is actually a great index site.  I’ve sometimes found NZBs on NZBIndex at the same time or sooner than NZBMatrix.  And once I found NZBIndex, I couldn’t ignore it.

So I added it to Newzworthy.  You should consider it beta support (kinda like Siri or most Google products).

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First off, sorry for the long delay between updates.  There have been several interim releases since the last blog update.

Some recent releases have included sorting and filtering of lists, better error condition handling, fixes to TV Rage and IMDB metadata collection, and lots of smaller fixes.  See the full list here.

All of that brings us to v0.60.

But there’s something that’s been bothering me.  Too often I have a download running and I have to reboot my machine, restart Plex, or restart Newzworthy.  And whatever is downloading at that time has a pretty high chance of getting corrupted, failing, or just getting funky.  And it bothers me, it bothers my wife, it slightly annoys my dog.

And today I have a fix for it.

So go download v0.61.  And enjoy (hopefully) error-free restarts.

Oh, and there’s some other new stuff, too.  Like being able to move items in the download queue around (aka re-prioritizing the download queue).  And there’s a new main menu option to see what’s new in the update.  Let me know if you find anything else!

Get it here.

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