Another fun update for you!

I really don’t like the idea of having y’all have to dig around in your file system trying to find the Movies and TV Shows you download.  Really, more importantly, I hate having to dig around my system when I want to save something forever.  So, Voila!, Newzworthy now allows you to archive items.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Choose to setup your archive from the main menu Archiving - Step 1.jpg


2. Manage the File System folders Archiving - Step 2.jpg


3. When navigating your file system, use the Context Menu (Menu on your remote or “C” on your keyboard) to choose the folder you want to archive to.  You can choose different folders for TV Shows and Movies.Archiving - Step 3.jpg


4. Now, when you are looking at your Completed Downloads list, you will have a new Contextual Menu option: Archiving - Step 4.jpg

This release also improves metadata collection when using NZBMatrix, as well as improvements to IMDB and TVRage metadata lookups.

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