What do I need to get going?

  1. A current Plex installation. (Free)
  2. The Newzworthy Plug-in. (Free)
  3. An account on a usenet index site (also known as an nzb index site). Newzworthy currently supports both Newzbin and NZBMatrix. (Small fee)
  4. A usenet account from a “Newsgroup Service Provider”, such as Astraweb or Giganews. It should not matter what usenet provider you use with Newzworthy. (Monthly subscription fee, usually <$20/month)
    • Sign up here for giganews and support Newzworthy via referral: Giganews





2 Responses to Getting Started

  1. pbbbb says:


    there many nzb free sites

    nzbmovieseeker.com findnzb.com and sht loads on google

    plus the free usenet from just4today.net

  2. crazeeEyez says:

    Thanks. As you should know now, NZBIndex is supported as a beta site. Maybe more will be added over time.

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