Well, Newzbin2.es has shutdown. If that is currently set to your NZB Index provider, you’re probably quite frustrated with Newzworthy right now.

Making it worse, NZBMatrix changed their website breaking Newzworthy’s agent.

So for now you’re stuck with NZBIndex as your only real NZB Provider option. Please be sure to set that option in your Preferences in Newzworthy.

Here are the top three things that in progress:

  • Fixes for NZBMatrix.  This is not going to be easy… the API is not as flexible as the website and the RSS feeds only return 50 results and you don’t get any filtering.
  • Making Newzworthy compatible with the latest versions  of Plex and the Plex clients (biggest change: no context menus).
  • Adding additional NZB sites.

There will likely be a release with the first two done first.  Adding additional NZB sites can be done easier in future releases.

Stay tuned here or keep checking Newzworthy for updates!


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