Over the past few months the Plex team has done a tremendous job of releasing additional platforms and clients.  The Newzworthy development crew has been closely monitoring their progress.

Newzworthy has been successfully tested on iOS and Android without any changes.  The current release of Newzworthy is already iOS compatible and you do not have to make any changes for compatibility.

Although the current release works on Android, the Android client was released after the Newzworthy release.  In order to use Newzworthy on an Android client, you will have to disable capability checking in Plex Media Server.  You can find that option in your Plex Media Server Preferences pane:

PMS Preferences.jpg

When the next Newzworthy version goes live, you will no longer need to Disable capability checking.

As far as Windows goes, we know Newzworthy doesn’t work on Windows PMS yet.  It shouldn’t be a far stretch to get Windows compatibility, there’s just a few files we need to tweak and testing to conduct.

Keep watching this site for updates!

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